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Ecovision - Eco future with solar powered illuminated signs

EcoVision's solar powered notice board. EcoVision, a range of solar powered products, has the potential to change the face of signage today. South West-based sign manufacturers, Signscape, have been busy developing new products that are both beneficial to its clients and to the environment.

Typically, illuminated signs and notice boards have a cost related to the running and maintenance each year but with the introduction of solar powered signage, this cost is reduced to nil. The benefit to sign owners is obvious, plus the fact that these signs are contributing to a greener UK is just another advantage.

Signscape works closely with sign makers and local authorities, supplying a variety of signage for use across the area. In fact, it was this relationship that was the main driver behind the development of the EcoVision range. Local authorities are one of the key groups under pressure to find environmentally friendly solutions. Signscape's customers have been using fluorescent lighting, which is both costly and energy inefficient so their development team took on the challenge of finding a solution to these problems and 18 months later, the EcoVision range was introduced.

Hamish Paterson, Managing Director of Signscape, commented; "The development team here have been working on solar powered signage for a while now, and we are pleased to be able to offer this as an alternative to electric power signs."

He added; "We, as a company, are conscious of creating innovative products that not only improve our customers' lives, but also provide an environmentally responsible attitude."

For further information contact Signscape on Tel: 01934 852888 or visit www.signscape.co.uk

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