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Solution for difficult surface bonding

A range of Indasol productsA new range of INDASOL high tack tapes, adhesives and primers have been developed to make installing and making signs in winter easier.

Andy Mordue, INDASOL Operations Manager, said: " They were developed to provide the sign professional with the confidence they need to achieve the best high strength long term bond on the most challenging of surfaces.

"Our UHB9120G combined with our PR100 surface primer creates such a strong bond, it can replace screws, rivets and even welding. INDASOL UHB9120G is the best high performance UHB on the market and when used against much higher cost alternatives, UHB9120G out performs them on almost every application. Developed to cope with some of the most harsh environments, UHB9120G offers the sign professional the confidence that each bond will last the test of time."

For an adhesive, then the INDASOL 900 series combined with primer 1960 offers similar performance to the UHB9120G in that it has 'excellent' long term strength. They can adhere to difficult surfaces and can replace screws, rivets and welding. Applied using a standard hand gun, 900 adhesive is strong, durable and easy to use. 900 can also be sanded, drilled or tapped where required, says the company.

"Glass can be very tricky to bond to, so for a completely clear structural bond, INDASOL have perfected UHB12100C. When combined with our new glass primer, it provides a structural strength bond to glass or ceramics and offers a completely clear bond line. This is great if LED or other lights are to be used as they can pass through UHB12100C without distortion.

"These are just a few of the many products being continually developed and improved to help make your life easier," says Andy.

The INDASOL range of sign fixing products offers the sign maker a one stop supplier for UHB structural tapes; double sided tapes and foams; plastic welding adhesives; and the revolutionary SIGN BLOCK.


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