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Incognito Trade Signs announced its launch

Incognito Trade Signs announced its launch as a Trade Sign Supplier for ‘small but mighty’ sign manufacturers across the UK.

Helping sign makers who may be struggling to create certain signs due to a lack of equipment or know-how by lending out their machinery and experienced team to help fulfil demanding and tricky projects.

The Derby-based Trade Sign Supplier is the brainchild of Lemon Signs and promises to be the trade supplier the industry has been looking for.

“The initial idea came when we were looking for a supplier ourselves” says Martin Lemiesz, the founder of Incognito.

“We tried to outsource our more complex signs, but couldn’t find the quality or expertise we needed and struggled to find the level of service and attention to detail that our clients expect of us.

Eventually, we discovered a supplier in Kent with the same values as us, and even with the delivery considered it still made more sense than going with some of the local guys. At least we could be sure of the quality of the finished product.”

“We knew if this was our experience, there were likely to be other small sign makers out there, struggling to find that reliable, trusted trade supplier too.”

And so, we set out to develop a service that the wider sign industry was clearly missing. And Incognito was born”.

Offering a totally confidential expert service for trade clients, Incognito is home to a variety of CNC machinery and talented sign makers to help bring virtually any idea to life.

Although specialising in 3D signage, Incognito has the capabilities of creating signs for almost any brief, environment, or application -- and from practically any material.

They hope to be a helping hand for the ‘small but mighty’ sign manufacturers in the Midlands and beyond, and intend to grow with their partners as they broaden their offering and expand their reach.

Learn more about Incognito here: www.incognito-tradesigns.com

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