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ImagePerfect™ boosts décor range with affordable new glass films

An escalator with window film graphics applied on the glass sides
ImagePerfect 7600 Coloured Window film
Commercial building with colourful tinted windows created with ImagePerfect 7600 Coloured Window film
ImagePerfect 7600 Coloured Window film
Commercial building with windows graphics applied with ImagePerfect 7700 Styling Window film
ImagePerfect 7700 Styling Window film
Commercial building with windows graphics applied with ImagePerfect 7700 Styling Window film
ImagePerfect 7700 Styling Window film
Commercial building with windows graphics applied with ImagePerfect 7800 Decorative Window film
ImagePerfect 7800 Decorative Window film

Spandex, the one-stop supplier of innovative solutions to the sign, graphics and display industries, has expanded its growing portfolio of films with a new collection of ImagePerfect™ decorative and privacy glass films for application on interior and exterior windows, doors and partitions.

The new range of self-adhesive PVC and polyester films has been created to give customers a wider choice of colours and textures, helping them to push the creative boundaries of glass decoration, whether for interior styling or to improve privacy.

In total the range offers 77 individual products, including diverse effects and colours. Choices include opalescent and frosted films, a palette of bright transparent colours, blockout films as well as some technical films.

The four product families are as follows:

ImagePerfect 7500 Glass and Window Specialities are technical films for applications in corporate offices, government buildings and other areas requiring high levels of privacy. The range includes a blackout view effect for LCD or plasma screens, a projection surface film for presentations or videos, a full blockout for windows, and a film that activates/deactivates the opacity of glazed surfaces.

ImagePerfect 7600 Coloured Window Films combine 22 single-colours with two dichroic options for colourful tints on glass, backlit and illuminated windows. They are the perfect solution to add a touch of colour to any interior glazing. The Fire & Ice film uses natural light to maximum effect, bringing windows and glass partitions to life with its warm dichroic tint.

ImagePerfect 7700 Styling Window Films stimulate creativity with 34 stylish decorative patterns for interior glass surfaces, offering beautiful choices for increased privacy and enhanced interior decor.

ImagePerfect 7800 Decorative Window Films are five high-quality calendered PVC films for decorative interior and exterior applications, featuring ImagePerfect PerfectApply technology for faster, easier, bubble-free installations. Three additional natural fabric choices extend the range beyond traditional window coverings.

All the new ImagePerfect decorative glass films are engineered for ease of application to interior flat glass surfaces by anyone with experience of working with self-adhesive films. This makes them ideal for sign-makers and graphics installers looking for ways to diversify and tap into new revenue streams in décor, without the need for specialist training.

Michael Kist, ImagePerfect Category Director explains: “Demand for glass decoration and privacy films is blossoming, as our customers discover new opportunities to use these products in creative projects for commercial and private clients. They want stylish, fashion-forward products that are easy to apply and perform well in situ, without breaking the bank.

With these new ImagePerfect décor films, cost is no barrier to creativity and experimentation. They open the door to stunning results at an affordable price.”


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