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EPS uses HP Designjet 10000 to print giant replica of York Minister window

The Great East window of the cathedral covered with a banner. HP have announced that Sign and Display printer Electronic Print Services (EPS) has produced a life-sized banner of The Great East Window at York Minster on its HP Designjet 10000 Printer.

The Great East Window is among the world’s largest medieval windows and is being removed from York Minister for conservation work, which may last for up to 15 years.

The 378sqm banner was printed using the HP Designjet 10000 printer, a versatile device that can print on a wide range of media including paper, self-adhesive vinyl, banner scrim, films and fabrics. The Great East Window was printed on epiflex, a non-mesh substrate.

“Producing a high-quality banner of the Great East Window was a challenge that we believe could only have been completed using HP’s digital printing technology,” said Steve Farley, managing director, Electronic Print Services. “Due to the size of the project, the optimum quality of print needed to accurately reproduce the window and the difficulty of getting the ink to adhere to the substrate, we were told that it couldn’t be done. However, our HP Designjet 10000 coped brilliantly and the final product far exceeded our customer’s expectations.”

The HP Designjet 10000 printer can print up to 264.2cm wide format graphics. In order to produce a banner that exactly matched the size of the window, which was printed at a high resolution, EPS split the artwork into 18 files for production. Each of the 18 images were then fabric moulded together to produce a single high-quality replica of the window.

The banner was produced using HP low-solvent pigmented inks, combining the quality and productivity benefits of solvent printing and high durability, with a more environmentally-responsible printing process.

“The Great East Window is an instantly recognisable feature of the Minster and attracts a lot of visitors, therefore accurate colour reproduction was a crucial part of the project,” said Farley. “Using HP’s low-solvent inks allowed us to successfully replicate the wide range of colours on the window, which has received a large amount of positive feedback.”

Inside York Minster Cathedral.

EPS has been an HP customer for six years and operates its HP Designjet 10000 Printer alongside two HP Designjet 5500 Printers to produce a range of signage, posters, banners, backdrops, curtains and point of sale (POS) collateral for its customers and has been using its HP Designjet technology to move into the fine art market.

The banner being put into place over the existing window

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