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Plug-and-play compact laser engraving system

WeLase laser marking machine.
WeLase laser markers can be up and running out of the box.

The compact high speed WeLase range of laser markers from Gravograph has been officially launched in the UK. Derived from the company’s line of industrial lasers, the WeLase is manufactured to the same high engineering standards.

A true plug and play laser, there is no need for assembly or complicated setting as it works straight out of the box via wired (USB) or wireless (Wi-Fi hotspot) connection. The dedicated ABC lasering software supplied with the machine runs on tablets, laptops and PCs.

The simplified lasering software has been designed to enable anyone to learn how to laser in less than an hour. In addition, features and accessories further facilitate lasering: automatic height adjustment (enter the item height and the laser will focus to the correct distance autonomously), positioning preview (a red LED pointer will project the marking directly onto the items.

A sleek and elegant design and small 460x560mm footprint make it suitable for workshop use. The laser sources fitted in the WeLase are the same as those used on the company’s F-series range of lasers, typically used on production lines operating 24/7. WeLase is a maximum security Class 1 laser product, manufactured in Europe for use in any environment including public spaces: opening the door during the marking process causes the laser to instantly pause. Whatever the application the WeLase can be specified with the relevant laser source type: fibre for metal marking, engraving and cutting, hybrid for precious metals, CO2 for organic materials and plastics and Green for materials requiring minimum heat when lasered. Texts, serial numbers, foreign alphabets, symbol, logos, drawings, handwriting and even photos can be permanently lasered with incredible speed and graphic quality. Free demonstrations of the system are taking place across the UK until December.


Examples of laser marked products

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