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Strong protection for floor graphics

bicycle wheel riding over printed floor filmFilm for floor, filmolux® FGS from Neschen, has been optimised to be safe to use on sports floors. The film conforms to the European standard (EN 14904) for sports floors in gymnasiums and indoor surfaces for multifunctional sports activities.

R9 certified since 2015

For more than 15 years filmolux® FGS has been part of the NESCHEN product range. The protection film was originally developed for classic photographs and inkjet digital print media. Filmolux® FGS was R9 certified in 2015 by the IFA (Institute for Occupational Safety) and since then has been an integral part of the NESCHEN floor graphics solutions. Filmolux® FGS makes a "perfect" combination with the NESCHEN print media solvoprint® easy 80 GSP removable, and solvoprint® easy 80 GSP nolite.

Rita Gerhardt, product manager at NESCHEN said: “These certified products are the result of extensive testing and product development. Now floor graphics can be applied also to all types of sports floors with filmolux® FGS.”

Surfaces are immediately accessible

Advertising messages printed on NESCHEN print media are protected by the filmolux® FGS film, which is made of structured, transparent and scratch-resistant polymeric soft PVC. NESCHEN print media has a water-based adhesive, which can be stuck to various surfaces such as wood laminate, ceramic tiles, marble, parquet and screed, as well as high-quality PVC. It can be easily be removed with minimal residue. Filmolux® FGS protected surfaces and floor advertising can be walked on within minutes of application.


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