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Flexi 8 - Updated Flexi Family available now

Flexi8 Software packaging - showing logo's etc.The newest update in Scanvec Amiable's feature-rich Flexi Family of signmaking software is available now from Graphtec (GB) Ltd.

The Flexi Family encompasses eight programs, covering all design and production requirements from simple text layout and vinyl cutting, through engraving and photo printing, to high production output. Programs can be easily and seamlessly upgraded as a business's production capabilities grow.

The latest version, 8.6, is fully compatible with Windows Vista and Mac operating systems.

Several brand new features, many other enhanced functions and increased RIP speeds make the updated version simpler to use yet quicker in both design and production.

Improved simplicity starts right at installation, which requires internet access but has been made much more straightforward by a softkey replacing Dongle use. The desktop has been simplified and is more user-friendly. Now with lots of single-click features and easily accessible sub-menu functions and new shortcut commands, designing takes less time.

The latest printers, engravers and vinyl cutters are supported by scores of new drivers and ICC colour profiles, and tasks such as contour cutting, colour compatibility and output are all included.

Also new is the Repeat Job function, which saves time by allowing operators to set the number of times a job is automatically re-sent to print without it being re-ripped every time. Application-direct printing has been made possible through Dynamic PPDs (PostScript Printer Descriptions), which doesn't require Flexi's Production Manager and saves yet more time.

Another advantage of the updated Flexi is the Dual Roll function. This enables multiple jobs to be nested or tiled and printed on different media rolls at the same time, and different Job Properties to be set for each job.

Further innovations such as a new colour correction tool, Variations; signmaking fonts and graphics CD included with every upgrade; and the Break Apart function that means multi-copy, multi-page or multi-tiled jobs can be split into individual jobs; add real value and practicality to the latest Flexi software.

"Scanvec Amiable has listened to users and their changing needs and this new version is the result. It has more features and functions with greater versatility but they've also made it even easier to use," says Neil Roberts, Product Manager for Graphtec (GB) Ltd. "Whatever your design, print and cut, complete signmaking, engraving or routing needs, Flexi has the right software package."

More good news in these tough economic times is that the updated version of each program in the Flexi family is retailing at the same price as the previous software. Many signmakers using earlier versions will be able to update free of charge by contacting Graphtec (GB).

In addition to English, the software is also offered in Dutch, Polish and Russian language versions.

Order now or find out more at www.graphtecgb.com or by telephoning 01978 666700.

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