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Fairfield launches new 6W LED lamps

6W LED lamps Fairfield has just released a range of ultra bright and long lasting LED 6 Watt MR16.

These LED lamps are the very latest in lighting technology and, according to Fairfield, causing a big stir in the industry. Unlike LED lamps of the past, these new generation MR16 are as bright as a conventional 50W diachronic lamp. They come in a choice of colour temperatures to create the perfect effect.

Fairfield launches new 6W LED lamps As these lamps are a direct replacement for the old MR16 lamps they will fit into standard lamp holders and are the same size as existing lamps. The new LED lamps will also work with existing 12 volt transformers making it easier than ever to make the jump to the future. If you are installing or specifying a new project, Fairfield also offer new smaller, sleeker and less expensive DC power supply (replacement for old transformers) to compliment the stylish contemporary design of the new lamps.

In these times of austerity, upgrading your 50W MR16 to new 6W LED MR16 is a fantastically simple way to save on electricity and maintenance. A 6W LED MR16 uses 85% less electricity than a standard 50 watt MR16 meaning it's friendly to the environment as well as your finances.

Due to health and safety regulations, staff in many organisations' are no longer allowed to change lamps. With the high cost of calling out a qualified electrician there is an instant saving. That saving is compounded as on average 6W LED MR16 last 10 times longer than 50W Diachronic. MR16. A lamp life of up to 50,000 hrs (approx five years) compared with up to 5,000 hrs with 50 watt MR16 lamps means far less lamp changes.

Cutting costs and looking after the environment have become themes in industry over the last few years and that trend does not look likely to be dying out any time soon. This is a very exciting product because it addresses both concerns without sacrificing style. For further information telephone Fairfield Displays & Lighting on 01252 813963 or visit www.fairfielddisplays.co.uk

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