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Fabric_frame display system range - three new additions

The versatile fabric_frameĀ® display system from Icon is being extended with three new additions to the range. These are a double-sided fabric_frame panel with an integral display plinth, a wall mounted panel with an LED lighting system and a free-standing unit which encompasses a built in monitor. fabric_frame display system from Icon

"These latest additions to the range are a direct response to working with customers and identifying the opportunities that this system presents. Any one of these new panels would make a real impact at a launch or promotional event and the quality of any brand is enhanced by the highest reproductive print quality obtained on the seamless fabric panels," explained Andrew Hodson, Sales and Marketing Director at Icon.

fabric_frame with display plinth is an innovative and stylish solution for displaying trophies, sculpture or jewellery, for example. The display plinth within the double-sided fabric_frame unit is fully lit and can be cut to the required shape and size.

fabric_frame with LED has all the benefits of a light box installation but with a much thinner profile (34mm). The LED lighting is an integral part of the scheme and ensures the highest quality graphic illumination. It is ideally suited to wall mounted applications, retail and marketing suites.

The fabric_frame with built in monitor, like all the fabric_frame systems, are custom made to fit the size and design of the monitor required. The monitor is mounted inside the light box frame and the surrounding fabric can be easily changed to suit different installations.

fabric_frame is a versatile display system which can be used as an exhibition, hospitality or conference backdrop, and a range of other applications for all kinds of brand, event or retail display projects. The non-reflective finish also makes the system ideal for photographic and TV applications. Once printed the fabric is displayed in easy-to-assemble aluminium frames which can measure up to 12m x 3m, enabling the construction of a large format, seamless panel. Additional options include a lightweight "flag" and transparent fabrics.

More information about Icon and its range of products and services can be obtained by visiting www.icondisplay.co.uk or tel: +44 20 8302 4921.

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