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Sagetech's Koolkut KK16 - Everything for Signs breaks new ground with Koolkut

Sagetech’s Koolkut KK16 vertical panel saw. Oldham-based signmakers' materials distributor Everything for Signs needed a vertical panel saw to enable them to break into a new market: Sagetech's Koolkut KK16 made it happen.

Established some seven years ago, the company began by specialising in the supply of sign vinyl, as the North West's distributor for Metamark Ltd. Everything for Signs has always traded on its rapid delivery and personal service. Perhaps not surprisingly, the company has many loyal customers.

In 2005, Managing Director Sandy Gray decided to pursue the sales opportunity afforded by aluminium composite sheet materials. He began to look for a tool suitable for cutting such materials.

"My first thought was a table saw," he remembered. "But cutting 10 x 5 or even 8 x 4 sheets on a table saw requires a very large area, and two or three operators. I had neither of those luxuries!"

He quickly realised that what he needed was a vertical panel saw, but had difficulty in finding a model suitable for his requirements: "Researching the market, it quickly became apparent that most vertical panel saws are extremely expensive - over £10,000 - and designed for much heavier use than we would ever require."

The 'eureka' moment came when Sandy spotted an advertisement in the Sign Industry press for Sagetech's space-saving, economically priced Koolkut vertical panel saw range.

"I called Sagetech immediately," Sandy recalled, "And was delighted to hear that the Koolkut Series '1' would cut both aluminium composite and foam, was compact enough for my workshop, and would run on a standard domestic 13 amp supply."

Sagetech supplied details of an experienced installer based in Bolton who set up Everything for Signs' Koolkut. "Having spoken to a number of signmakers with vertical panel saws, I knew that having the saw set up properly, to make sure it was absolutely square and level, was of paramount importance," said Sandy.

Over two years on, Sandy is delighted with the way the business has developed. "With the Koolkut we've been able to actively market aluminium composite sheet materials, and further expand our range to include foam and acrylic sheet materials. We've seen a significant increase in sales from our existing customer base," he noted. "Sagetech have proved themselves exceedingly helpful, and the saw itself represents excellent value for money. It's the ideal tool for the job: recommended!"

For further details on Sagetech's Koolkut range of economically priced space-saving vertical panel saws, please visit www.sagetech.co.uk, e-mail or call 0118 970 1950.
For further information on Everything for Signs, please call 01457 829055.

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