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AXYZ Automation - Double success for interior design specialist Stringer

The 4000 series CNC router. Routing technology provided by AXYZ Automation has proved a decisive factor in the continuing success of retail and commercial interiors specialist Stringer. Based in Greenwich, Southeast London, the company was formed over 20 years ago by its founder and principal designer Dick Stringer and adopted limited status in 1991. Stringer designs and produces both standard and bespoke interior solutions (including point-of-sale displays, office workplace systems, shelving and tables) for multiple retail display and office and studio environments using a variety of wood substrates (predominantly mediumdensity fibreboard, plywood and birch) in combination with stainless steel and occasionally acrylic.

Central to the high quality of the work produced by the company's woodworking department has been the successive installation of routing machines supplied by AXYZ Automation. The first machine was an AXYZ 4008 router with a processing area of 2,440mm (length) x 1,466mm (width). It is part of the AXYZ 4000 series that is renowned for an ability to handle 8 x 4 sheets and to machine materials up to a thickness of 150mm. According to Dick Stringer, the decision to purchase the first AXYZ router was made on the basis of price, quality and service. And it was due to the high level of service and technical support provided by AXYZ Automation on the initial purchase that Stringer decided to subsequently install the larger AXYZ 4010 machine to meet increased production requirements. This router has a processing area of 3,048mm (length) x 1,524mm (width).

Both of the machines installed at Stringer feature AXYZ Automation's Automatic Tool Change (ATC) facility. Incorporating an eight-position carousel, the ATC facility provides a faster, easier and more convenient way of processing work requiring multiple tooling without operator intervention and by ensuring that the correct tools for a given task are always selected. Both routers are supported with the multi-featured ToolPath software from AXYZ that will connect with a choice of CAD, CAS and CAM systems that can export DXF, HPGL or NC file formats. At Stringer, designs are created in Vectorworks and exported as DXF files.

According to Dick Stringer, both routers have performed outstandingly since installation, with only minimal problems under continuous operation. He commented: ‘The AXYZ routers have improved both the quality and productivity of the company's woodworking department and we rate both machines highly. In combination with our excellent metalworking facilities, we can now offer a total production capability to our many blue chip clients. A typical example is the John Lewis Partnership for which Stringer has for a number of years provided a range of bespoke retail display solutions. Installation of the AXYZ routers has enabled us to provide an even better service, improved quality of end product, faster turnaround and, of special significance, added more creativity to our design and production capabilities.'

On the service and after-sales technical support provided by AXYZ Automation, Dick Stringer concluded: ‘These have been first class and were a major factor influencing our decision to purchase the second machine.' This correlates to AXYZ Automation's policy of not only supplying robust and reliable routing solutions but also underpinning the consequent engineering excellence with comprehensive training packages and unrestricted after-sales technical support.

For further information on AXYZ routing solutions, visit www.axyz.co.uk or telephone 01902 375600.

For more information on the services provided by Stringer, visit www.stringer.co.uk or telephone 0208 293 4242.

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