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Fantasy Prints produce fantasy signs with Enlite mini LEDs

Inside the bar & cafe Northumberland-based Fantasy Prints is passionate about innovation and is constantly seeking new and creative ways to produce signage. When the local Baguette Bar & Café store recently commissioned them to undertake a complete shop refit they turned to Enlite™ LED mini-systems from Robert Horne for a more flexible and workable solution to their creative needs.

The shop refit included both internal and external projects making Enlite™ LED mini, which can be used whenever a small and waterproof light source is required, the ideal choice.

The project was designed and manufactured from start to finish by Fantasy Prints who produced inside a bespoke counter for the shop which incorporated white and blue Enlite lighting radiating light down onto the aluminium effect surface and surrounding flooring. Over the counter lighting projected further blue lighting onto the ceiling. The outdoor signage was flat cut out of Foamalux PVC and was rear routed to make channels to accommodate the further Enlite white and blue lighting providing a light which shone back towards the shop facia.

David Shepherd, Sign Maker for Fantasy Prints explains why he chose Enlite mini LEDs for this project; "We've worked with several different types of LEDs for many years but more recently we are increasingly turning to Enlite mini-system LEDs as they are just more flexible. Because of their small size in terms of both length and depth they fit well into design elements that require a little more precision and provide us with much more choice for designing LED systems for our customers."

The Enlite range is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, including channel letter illumination, back light, indoor lighting, building façade lighting, neon replacement and advertisement signage. It is also very flexible, as power supplies can be routed over l0 metres away from the sign, without any visible voltage drop. Providing a bright and consistent light source, Enlite is also beguilingly quick and easy to use. The modules can be simply stuck into channel letters without any need for glass bending or heat sinking and can even be retrofitted into existing channel letters if required. But perhaps one of the most important benefits is that Enlite has the potential to last for up to 10 years of useful life, thus reducing maintenance costs to the barest minimum.

Robert Horne offers a comprehensive LED portfolio which includes Enlite, Philips and Bright Green products plus support and advice to their customers on this important topic.

For further information about Fantasy Prints contact 01289 303242 or visit www.fantasyprints.co.uk

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