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Cutting machine is printers’ dream

Blackman & White showcased their latest machine, the Versa-Tech Series, at this year’s biggest tradeshow for print specialists, following intensive product development.


It’s part of the trailblazing MasterCut range developed by Blackman & White. The new cutting machine – which offers laser, knife and routing cut capability in one model – was tailor-made for those working in the print industry.


A team of printing and finishing experts were key to the Versa-Tech’s design process to ensure the machine offers extreme accuracy, cutting speed and versatility. It’s the latest innovation for British success story Blackman & White. The Maldon- based company have been designing and building cutting machines in Britain since 1964. The machine was unveiled at FESPA 2013 and fit with the show’s theme of offering inspiration to everyone working with print, from print service providers to end-users. Blackman & White’s technology is already delivering clear benefits for print customers, including experts in large format graphic solutions.

Uniquely the Versa-Tech can offer cutting with laser, knife and router. All options can be enabled from purchase or customers can choose those they need now, adding others later to meet the needs of their business.


Alex White, managing director of Blackman & White, said: “FESPA is a showcase for the diversity of today’s print industry and we were pleased to demonstrate how this latest machine can offer customers all the options they need"


“Cutting by laser is at least five times faster than cutting by hand and on large nested files it can be up to 20 times faster. We’re receiving feedback that this means our machines pay for themselves within as little as a year.”


The efficiency of the machine is a real plus for this fast-paced industry, Alex added: “The industry moves quickly but by combining our history of working with print innovators and the latest technology we’ve created a future-proof machine.”



To find out more visit the website www.blackmanandwhite.com

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