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Colourgen offers money-back guarantee on new laminates

Graffiti printed on Elite Essentials Cold Pressure Sensitive Laminate Crystal (100mic)Colourgen is putting a spring in the step of the wide format printing market by offering a money-back guarantee on its new Elite Essentials range of laminates. As the latest addition to the company's Elite Essentials range, the new laminates are being marketed under the 'Love Film' banner. This name reinforces Colourgen's confidence in the products because, quite simply, if customers don't love it, they can return the roll and get a refund.

Elite Essentials laminates are cold, pressure sensitive 100mic films with the choice of either a crystal, gloss or matte finish. They are available in 880mm to 1520mm widths and 50m or 100m lengths and cost as little as 95p per square metre for a single roll.

Melanie Enser, Product Marketing Manager for Colourgen, comments, "We love our new Elite Essentials film laminates, and we are certain our customers will too. For the price, they deliver a really high quality finish, enhancing and protecting a massively broad range of applications. We have been delighted with the continuing popularity of our Elite Essentials range, which time and again delivers surprisingly high quality media at unbeatable prices."

Elite Essentials laminates are available immediately from Colourgen. For a free sample swatch book or further information, please visit www.colourgen.com/eelove or call 01628 588733.

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