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B & P Graphics launches AquaRes resin inks for solvent machines

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B&P Graphic Supplies Ltd is bringing to the market the Sepiax range of AquaRes Resin inks, which combine the advantage of the harmlessness of water-based inks, with the advantage of the reliability of solvent inks or UV inks.

Andrew Wilson, Managing Director B&P Graphics, says "In a time when so many ink companies are declaring new, innovative, products which often turn out to be just a 'me too' product, repackaged, it is refreshing to see a product that actually addresses the needs of the customer base. There are many sign-makers and digital printers who are setting money aside in their budgets to purchase new technology in the form of UV or latex printers and they will be relieved to know that there is now a cost-effective alternative."

The new range of AquaRes inks from Sepiax claims to offer all the advantages of solvent inks without the Health and Safety issues normally associated with solvents, and without the high capital costs of moving to latex technology. The AquaRes range of inks will run in existing solvent machines using piezo printing head technology, with a simple changeover process and no major modifications to those machines.

With perfect adhesion and abrasion-proofing on PVC banner, polyester, Tyvek (without coating) or even standard offset paper, aluminium foil etc. The fact that the media does not need to be coated, or have any expensive pre-treatment, means that the cost per square metre is minimised.

With a colour gamut and UV durability similar to that of solvent inks, but absolutely zero-odour, it means that there are new applications for these inks both indoors and outdoors.

No harmful solvents are used in the formulation of this ink, so it gives the ability to run a printer in a crowded working space, and to install prints produced with the ink in normal working environments.

AquaRes inks are available in the four primary colours (CMYK), and light colours (Lc,Lm).

Sepiax is part of the Gernot Langes-Swarovski Group (famed for its crystal products) and has carefully formulated the AquaRes inks over a period of nearly three years, during which extensive customer trials have taken place.

Visitors to Sign and Digital UK will see the new range of AquaRes inks in operation on stand G22.

For more information call B&P Graphic Supplies on +44 1256 859900 or visit www.bpgraphics.co.uk

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