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Centre Signs – building a reputation on built up letters

Acrylic built-up lettersSince its inception in 1986 Centre Signs Ltd has worked to make its name synonymous with built up stainless steel letters of the highest quality.

This reputation has not been easily won but has been earned by hard work and diligence, says Managing Director Trevor Cockbill.

"Listening to customers and taking their comments on board is a sound foundation for any company. At Centre Signs we consider ourselves driven by customers rather than by technology. Quality is never an issue because we don't send out substandard goods that a customer rejects, that's a sure fire way to lose customers," says Trevor.

Ensuring nothing less than perfect is sent to any customer is the inspection / despatch department, which is staffed by three long-serving members of personnel who have a total of 45 years experience in the company's different manufacturing sections.

"Having the best personnel at Centre Signs is critical to our success. Some people say letter makers are a breed unto themselves but their skills are not to be under-estimated. We have six dedicated letter makers, all highly qualified and extremely skilled.

Whether it's polished, brushed, gold titanium, stainless steel, de-scaled stainless steel with a stove enamelled finish, or acrylic letters to be illuminated by LED or neon, the quality is second to none. It is due to their skill that we at Centre Signs have made our reputation and become the envy of other trade suppliers," says Trevor.

SignIn 2006 Centre Signs made a significant investment with the purchase of a Tekcel CNC router. Powerful routing heads, digitally-controlled, servo motors and ball lead-screw drive systems on every axis mean Tekcel routers make light work of the heaviest production schedules. Centre Signs chose an E Series with a bed size of 3100 x 2070mm and automatic tool change facilities to cut plastics, composites, metals and wood more quickly and more precisely than previously. A nesting option in the software enables lead times to be reduced whilst containing manufacturing costs, which is reflected in the competitive prices Centre Signs offers.

The Tekcel router combines well with other facilities at the company's Leicester site, including 3000mm and 2500mm guillotines, a 3000mm hydraulic folder, and MIG and TIG welding facilities for all types and sizes of tray and panels. Centre Signs also provides a powder coating option for aluminium trays.

Supplying sign makers is not an easy task as ever shorter turnarounds are demanded, says Trevor. In response, Centre Signs continuously updates its quoting and job card software. Written in-house to the company's own specifications, this makes predicting lead times and delivery dates easier and more accurate than ever before.

The latest recruit to Centre Signs is Scott Hammond who joined the busy sales and estimating office at the beginning of this year. Scott's previous experience in graphics and point of sale has quickly made him a valuable and versatile member of the internal sales team.

Trevor is confident that Centre Signs will be supplying the sign trade with letters of the highest quality looks for another 20+ years.

"Recession or not, quality at a good price is always needed," he says.

Find out more and view examples of Centre Signs' work at www.centresigns.co.uk or telephone 0116 271 4247.

Finally, Trevor adds this: "I'd like to thank Roger Hinchliffe for all the help he's given me over a number of years in promoting Centre Signs to sign makers across the country through Sign Update. Enjoy your retirement Roger - let the others take the strain!"

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