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Sign Update helps Bartuf Graphics find the right man for a challenging project

The Built up Logo completed. This striking logo, spanning almost two metres, needed an innovative approach to achieve the halo illumination required by the client - and Bartuf Graphics found the right man for the job thanks to Sign Update.

Bartuf Graphics won the order to produce the sign for Jackson's Bakery head office in Hull. Some 300 people are employed on the site and more than a million loaves of bread are baked there a week.

Terry Horscraft of Bartuf Graphics explains: "At Bartuf Graphics we're digital print specialists. We have crews fitting signs across UK and have completed prestigious contracts for some of the country's biggest household names; for this project we decided to buy in the built up logo and lighting."

"We contacted several signmaking suppliers and most of them more of less just gave us a price and couldn't wait to get off the phone. They didn't want to discuss the individual project and they didn't bring up how the entire logo, including the areas that taper to a fine point, would be sufficiently illuminated. I didn't feel that it would be a good working relationship or we could be fully confident in the finished commission."

Logo in construction

Then, while reading the March issue of Sign Update, Terry came across an article about Jason Edwards, Proprietor of 5StarSigns, and his specialist skills in hand built letters and tricky jobs. Terry contacted Jason and knew he'd found the right man for the job.

"Jason was willing to talk through the project and was confident he would come up with a solution to lighting the logo's tapering ends. In addition, he was flexible on lead times and willing to do what was necessary to meet deadlines," says Terry.

Jason takes up the story: "Usually LEDs are put inside a letter or logo to create the halo effect. But LEDs wouldn't have fitted inside where the logo narrows off to fine points, meaning that around 30 per cent of it would be unlit."

Using his considerable experience Jason worked out an effective solution. He designed a back box with a water-jet cut out of the logo in an aluminium front panel backed up with Opal 050, and inserted LEDs in the cut out. Bartuf Graphics sprayed the panel and Jason hand built the logo using de-scaled and mirror polished stainless steel.

Logo still in construction.

He then fixed the logo 10mm or so off the front panel, knowing this would result in the LEDs creating the required halo effect around the entire logo, including the tapering ends. Finally, blue vinyl was applied to the face of the finished sign as per client instructions.

Terry continues: "We were well impressed when we lit up the sign for the first time in our workshop. And even more important, our client is very happy with the completed work."

View more of Jason's work at www.5starsigns.co.uk or telephone 01803 296836. Contact Bartuf Graphics at www.bartuf.co.uk or telephone 01482 216040.

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