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A real revolution in built-up lettering

Built up letters A new patented process could revolutionise production of 3D lettering and signage, says G-57 3D Design.

The process was developed by Guy Satchwell who has a lifetime's experience in the signmaking industry, producing highly specialised solutions for major brands and household names. The new system was launched through mother-company Central Signs and Graphix.

"The popular belief is that there's no mechanised process for built-up letter production, which there hadn’t been. But now that's all changed with this new method of production," says Guy.

The G-57 process produces letters and shapes manufactured to exacting specifications and with a much wider choice of finished profile than achievable with hand-built letters. For example, any type of face can be chosen, the edges can be bevelled to almost any design, patterned, or even have two radii.

When manufacturing letters by hand, slight differences in each one are unavoidable; but the G-57 process automatically produces any number of identical units. Another advantage is that the finished units are also more durable than hand built ones, as well as being lightweight.

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"What can be produced using the G-57 process isn’t limited to a small range, like it is with hand built letters," says Guy. "Now we can create practically any design in 3D to the highest quality, incorporating LED or face and/or backlit illumination."

"We can recreate logos or even a letterhead in 3D that truly are unique. One of our most striking pieces is a six foot high illuminated shrimp, which even if it were possible, would have been a ridiculous amount of work by any other method."

Another recent project G-57 3D Design completed involved creating a giant mobile phone for the launch of a new model.

"It certainly worked as an attention grabber. Everyone walking past was stopping and staring at this giant phone and it got a lot of people into the shop," adds Guy.

For the customer, the G-57 process provides almost unlimited potential. For the signmaker, it delivers major commercial and competitive advantages with simplified final assembly and huge savings in labour costs.

"This is the fastest ever process for building a 3D letter and even better, it can all be done at very affordable prices," says Guy. "It's so much faster because machines do the work and only a low skill level is needed for assembly. Typical savings are 50 per cent compared to traditional manufacturing techniques, which means more profit for the signmaker."

"I've only shown it to a limited number of people so far and the response has been phenomenal. Until people actually see it, they don't believe it; then they’re blown away."

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Crucial to the success of the G-57 production method was sourcing the correct material and it took some time for Guy to find it.

"This composite material is easy to work with. It's got fantastic properties and means these new signs produced by the G-57 process knocks spots off old projecting signs," adds Guy.

Working from signmakers’ designs, G-57 3D Design will produce letters or any shape in almost any colour for both interior and exterior applications. The company also offers a design service at a small additional cost. The 3D item comes complete in kit form for easy assemble and fitting with virtually no tools required and no hidden costs.

"My only worry really is that we won’t be able to keep up with the demand and will have to turn work down," says Guy.

Consequently, Guy is also considering selecting a limited number of signmakers to carry out G-57 3D production under agreement, and to supply businesses in their area of the country.

To find out more tel. 0121 326 7744 or visit www.freewebs.com/satch17

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