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Custom designed memoboards

person writing on a memoboardAccording to ASLAN, memoboards have almost become a necessity in our daily routine. They make organising life 'easy, since they can be written on repeatedly; and notes or announcements can be simply placed onto them with a magnet'.

The combination of the self-adhesive films FerroPrint ASLAN FF 450 and Clearboard ASLAN CB 90 provides an 'infinite' number of designs. The white, ferrous film can be printed on directly with any motif. Together with the clear, glossy whiteboard film, the entire surface also becomes 'writeable and dry erasable'.

The high content of iron ferrits in the film 'guarantees a good magnetic adherence' and the scratch-resistant surface ensures that writing with a whiteboard marker does not 'leave any shadows or ghosting'. A spokesperson said: "It is easy to create a premium-quality, multi-functional memoboard that is printed with a custom design; doors, cupboards or walls are just a few examples for smooth surfaces that are ideally suitable for this application."

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