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Polymeric vinyl film offers 7-Year unprinted durability

Vehicle with Arlon DPF 4550 vinyl graphics
Vehicle Graphics
A partition in a hair dressers salon with Arlon DPF 4550 vinyl printed graphics
Brilliant and reliable, the polymeric face stock of DPF 4550 ensures a high quality print and exceptional graphics.

Founded in 1958 as a manufacturer of flexible materials, Arlon Graphics is a global leader in graphic films and provides easy solutions for real world applications.

In 2019, the company launched the DPF 4550 range - a multi-purpose film for all types of surfaces for vehicles and commercial graphics. Brilliant and reliable, the polymeric face stock ensures a high quality print and exceptional graphics at a competitive price point. This film enables easy installation and a long-term bond.

Designed for indoor and outdoor intermediate signage, it is is user-friendly and delivers graphics for real estate and retail signage as well as flat-sided vehicle applications. It features a superior quality on a wide variety of print systems.

The DPF 4550 range provides different solutions to ensure your best application; a white polymeric film, 4550G is available in a gloss finish with a clear, permanent pressure-sensitive, solvent-based adhesive. The range comprises GT/MT and GTX/MTX with innovative, low profile, bubble releasing X-Scape technology and light grey adhesive to allow for added opacity to cover existing graphics or darker substrates. Committed to delivering high quality and long durability of its products, Arlon Graphics now offers a seven-year unprinted durability on the DPF 4550 range for the UK and Ireland only.

Want to learn how to install DPF 4550? WrapItRight powered by Arlon is here to help by giving you knowledge and showing the right techniques. Customers who want the perfect signage need to depend on an installer who really knows best practices, the right materials and of course, great service. They want to contract services from a shop that fully understands printing and installing to ensure the graphic will look as good as it should. Too often, great signage is harmed by improper handling and installation.

WrapItRight.com gives you access to expert advice and tutorials from industry leaders and specialists. You can learn new skills independently through their video library. Explore the realms of expertise: vehicle application, commercial signage and digital printing, that will make you a well-rounded installer.

For more information about this range and to find a local distributor, visit arlon.com.

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