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New generation films combine innovation and cutting-edge technology

Examples of where AP/610-FC and AP/618-FC vinyl films are being used.Excellent print capability ensures vivid colours even on dark backgrounds.APA has introduced AP/610-FC (gloss white) and AP/618-FC (matt white) films combining innovation and leading-edge technology. “All-in-one” digital printing products featuring high conformability, superior stability and excellent covering power, they are said to be ideal for the most diverse applications to smooth, corrugated and shaped surfaces.

Designed to ensure extreme ease of application, the films feature the Air Free FTX System adhesive that favours air ejection upon application through microchannels. Excellent print capability ensures vivid colours even on dark backgrounds. Both films are certified for reaction to fire (B-S2-D0 class). In addition, APA has launched L/111-KS (gloss) and L/118-KS (matt) laminations, specifically devised for protecting the two new films from UV rays, scratches and small abrasions.


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