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AF Acryl - Machinery for perfect production in plastics

AF Acryl's Diamond Edge Polisher AF Acryl has launched an updated model of its popular Diamond Edge Polisher.

The new model, AF 110-45, is both more economical, saving some 1.7kW/hr, and quieter in operation than its predecessor. A smart new design also makes it visually attractive.

AF Acryl’s Diamond Edge Polisher is supplied as an inclusive package comprising machine, extraction unit and two high gloss cutters, with free UK delivery, installation, technical instruction and 12 month guarantee.

Ian Broxton, UK and Ireland Agent for AF Acryl, says: "This inclusive package means you don’t get the machine and then find you have to buy extras, everything you need is there. Another big advantage is that the cutter heads belong to you and only you. They are uniquely marked, so when they go off to be sharpened, you get back your own cutter heads and not anyone else’s."

AF Acryl has manufactured specialised machinery for the plastics industry from its headquarters in northern Germany for more than 20 years. Design and development of its machinery is based on a sound knowledge of machine building gained from many years’ experience specific to production in the plastics industry. The company is particularly well established within the European Community but also sells worldwide.

In addition to the new Diamond Edge Polisher, AF Acryl has recently launched two new flame polishers, one for a single user and one for dual operation. The company also supplies heat benders/filament heaters (water and non-water cooled) in various sizes, router bits, PCD and carbide tools.

Ian became the UK and Ireland Agent for AF Acryl in the late 1990s, simply because he was so impressed by the build quality and attention to detail exemplified throughout the company’s range.

Prior to that, Ian had run a business involved with large advertising contracts and often worked closely with the sign industry. He chose to retire early but soon after, put his experience to good use and thoroughly researched edge polishers and the market. While he was evaluating all the different equipment available, he came across AF Acryl.

Ian explains: "I was truly impressed by their machines. I only became Agent for AF Acryl because I really believe in them. I’ve retired once and am delighted to represent this company.

"One crucial factor is that all AF Acryl’s machines are designed and built from experience in the plastics industry, for working with plastics. Sometimes you see woodwork machines being used in plastic fabrication; this doesn’t give the best results or do the machine much good either. All AF Acryl equipment gives consistently excellent results and is very reliable; their machines very rarely even need to be serviced if looked after properly.

"Personal service is another priority. Ralph Siegmann, Director of AF Acryl, has massive knowledge and experience, and nothing leaves the factory without being personally checked and given the ok by him.

"We can joke about Teutonic efficiency but at AF Acryl it produces outstanding and robust machinery at very competitive prices," adds Ian.

To find out more, telephone 01727 841196 / 07836 768999, email ian@afacryl.de or go to www.afacryl.de/uk/index

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