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ORAFOL - Crafting reflective materials for traffic safety signage

ORALITE 6910 Brilliant Grade Prismatic reflective films ORALITE films have a wide range of applications

German-based manufacturer ORAFOL takes pride in crafting reflective materials that can be used primarily in traffic safety signage. The global teams are managed with framework that includes both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

This commitment to quality and the reduction of environmental impact can be seen in the many products found in their product range, such as in the line of ORAFOL reflective films.

All materials are sold under the ORALITE® brand, and the vast majority of these are manufactured in Germany. According to Tina Andersen, Global Marketing Manager, ORAFOL, there are products available for both standard and niche applications. “Today the ORAFOL range includes materials of all reflective grades, from the lowest grades of glass bead reflective films to the highest grade prismatic films available in the market place today,” she says. “Some products in the ORAFOL film range for example contain photoelectric materials, where the retro-reflectional properties are used in order to make optical systems in elevators work. There are many such niche markets for these materials, but when we talk signage, most applications are obviously of an industrial nature.”

According to Tina, ORAFOL’s R&D department is constantly working on new products to meet current market demands as well as foreseeable future market trends. A lot of the developments are driven by new safety regulations coming up in different parts of the world. Another driving factor is looking at the needs of manufacturers themselves, and what they need to best service the end-user.

“We are seeing a trend in the market towards an increased need to be able to produce small quantities of customised unique signs with a quick turn-around time,” says Tina, adding that this has lead to the inclusion in the range of a special comprehensive UV printing system for sign makers. It includes a UV Traffic Sign Printer as well as ORALITE inks, and it has been specifically developed for optimal printing quality on the ORALITE materials. “The system is approved for printing also CE certified signage,” says Tina.


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