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Marketing/Sales person/CEO to launch a new product – UK (home based)

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Marketing/Sales person/CEO to launch a recently established range of flat-bed and roll-fed vinyl cutters in the UK.

You will effectively be the Managing Director, and I will ask you to purchase the trading name (not registered), so you will then be effectively the new owner of the Gunner UK/EU project.

I will receive 5% of all turnover as a cost to you, but all profits after this are yours.

You will need to consider some expenditure for advertising, and various marketing activities, purchase of mailing lists etc.

The foundations of the business are there, we have a basic company website, twitter page, done some promotional advertising, and we’ve agreed with a company, that they install and support the products.

The products are imported from China as and when needed, so no need to hold stock (at least not until well established). David would be there to help with sales enquiries, and business handover but nothing else.

There have been over 300 units sold of these premium vinyl cutters in China last year, and it has good compatibility with all the main software brands used in the UK.

So far in the UK, there has been 1 installation, resulting in a turnover of £12k.

The reason for reluctantly stepping down from this challenge is due to health issues, and at the age of 81 I feel this could be driven forward better with a more youthful energy.


To apply please send email David@gunnervinylcutter.co.uk or phone 01352 770 787

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