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Introducing two new products to the Gunner range of Vinyl Cutters

Gunner GR8000-180 roll fed vinyl cutter
Gunner GR8000-180 Roll Fed Vinyl Cutter
Gunner GR1325F Flatbed Vinyl Cutter
Gunner GR1325F Flatbed Vinyl Cutter

From early August 2020, Gunner High Performance Vinyl Cutters are introducing two new digital Cutting systems to their range; A medium format plotting flatbed XY cutter and a roll fed machine. These will be made available in the UK and EU exclusively through their sole distribution agent; David Coleman & Associates.

Gunner Model GR 8000-180 - Roll fed

The first will be the Roll Feed high performance Gunner Model GR 8000-180 ideal for use with products for the automotive aftermarket sector, and capable of processing window tinting, reflective sheeting, Paint Protective Film (PPF), interior protection film, vehicle wrap, card paper, self-adhesive vinyl, sandblast resistant rubber and Amberlith & Rubylith.

The GR 8000-180 has a roll feed vinyl cutter with reflective sheeting cutting capability, with a maximum contour cutting width of 1630mm (non-contour cutting) & 1520mm (contour cutting) and a maximum mountable media width of 1780mm. Free from any static electricity, it has a reliable long-length tracking, can cut small text strings accurately and has compatibility with Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and AutoCAD.

Gunner Model GR 1325F - Flat bed

The second will be the Gunner Model GR 1325F, a CNC flatbed vinyl cutter dedicated to cut various reflective sheeting and contour cutting of graphics without a cutting die, enabling faster, quality cutting, providing more stability and reduced manual work and costs.

The GR 1325F is ideal for traffic signs, fleet & safety signs, paint protection, window tinting, vehicle wrapping and the ability to cut and plot any patterns designed with CAD/CAM software, such as reflective vinyl for chevron kits used for vehicle applications.

The GR 1325F has a maximum contour cutting width of 1350 x 2500mm (non-contour cutting) & 1240 x 2480mm (contour cutting) and can handle material with a thickness of 1.5mm together with a maximum cutting speed of 600mm per second.

Installation and maintenance:

Installation and servicing of the new machines is being handled by The Dennison Group, one of the leading technical support providers to the printing industry for the past 25 years, with its network of specialist service engineers and manufacturer trained field-based technicians. www.dennisongroup.co.uk


Located in Shanghai City, China, Gunner has been perfecting its expertise in the vinyl cutting sector for the past 20 years, producing high-end vinyl cutting machines and supply integrated solutions for the cutting, plotting, and printing sectors.


UK Distributor

David Coleman has over 55 years-experience as a leading professional salesman, valuer and broker of digital printing and graphic machinery, and has worked with leading national companies such as British Gas UK, Royal Bank of Scotland, HMSO Norwich, and Great Universal Stores UK.

For more information about the new Gunner products, pricing, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact David Coleman on email: Tel: 01352 770787 or Mobile: 07974864057