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Utilising digital signage to engage employees and boost business

Evoko Pusco template for digital signs
Pusco template make it easier for clients to create the desired impact by selecting particular applications (courtesy Evoko).

What does digital signage communicate inside and outside the company and how that can be better utilised to inform a captive audience? Richard Glückmann, CEO, Evoko addresses these important issues.

Most offices, even small businesses, will likely have a screen in their waiting area or lobby. It might have a slideshow of company photos and messaging or, if you’re lucky, BBC News. This is the kind of thing that can be installed with very little thought about what it actually brings to the space. Rarely is the question asked: what does it actually contributes and more importantly, what does it communicatye about the business?,

Any clients, visitors or prospective employees might have looked at the company website but this is the first time they will be inside of the business itself. That impression could colour their entire perception of whether to do business with them or their company. The importance of first impressions cannot be understated and businesses should reflect on how they present themselves as soon as anyone walks through the door. This impression is informed by a combination of what is being displayed alongside the actual technology itself. A modern HD TV is unlikely to cause any sort of negative reaction but it is also unlikely to show the company as a forward-thinking brand.

We are surrounded by screens in our daily lives, regardless of what is being displayed on them, and they are fading into the noise. In this respect it is largely pointless to just have a traditional television hanging on a wall, even if it has bespoke information being displayed. If they want to make a positive impression in this way, businesses should instead look for a device that is pronounced, beautifully designed and stands out. Sleek solutions are all well and good but the difference between traditional digital signage and an excellent public space communicator is that the latter occupies its space, is eye-catching and commands the attention of those in its surrounds.

With a beautifully-designed public space communicator in place, the question then should be asked of what is being displayed and how intuitive it is to dynamically update that information. Such a public space communicator should be a living part of the office, constantly being updated with new information. A further example could be a welcome message for guests which makes them feel more welcome and valued, lending further to the improvement of that initial impression.

Intuitive input interface

This relies on a usable interface on the backend to feed that information into the solution without requiring a great amount of technical knowledge. There is a fine line between a solution that is essential and clear and one which is cumbersome and unengaging. This should be considered in all aspects of purchasing, particularly in terms of digital signage.

So far, we have spoken about the ‘external’ aspect of digital signage but for internal use the same rules apply. Rather than informing guests coming into the building, an internal communicator will update employees about company news and have the capacity to improve team cohesion. With an intuitive input interface, the resource strain of relying on systems managers is removed from the equation to create a solution that works for all.

Our Evoko Pusco templates make it easier for clients to create the desired impact by selecting particular applications; different people in the organisation can be responsible for updating just the content they are responsible for. To fit a brand the templates can be personalised by choosing between a light and dark theme and setting the background image and accent colour to match the company logo. The accent colour will be used for highlights on the screen, as well as the status light at the bottom of the unit. Built-in speakers provide playback sounds and emphasise updated content. This product is available in wall-mounting or freestanding options.

Ultimately, digital signage is an investment and like all investments, a return is expected. In today’s economic climate, every penny counts and decisions cost more than ever. A public space communication device should work for the business, not in parallel. In both internal and external use, it doesn’t need to be bogged down with cumbersome features. With a dynamic solution that people want to engage with, a public space communication device can help to improve operations and create an incredible first impression for prospective clients.


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