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LCD screens attract new customers to automotive service centre

FASTSIGNS digital sign outside of a car shop
Three remotely operated 49-inch LCD screens were installed at AA Silencer’s repair centre in Cheadle.

The Manchester centre of FASTSIGNS has teamed up with national tyre wholesaler Micheldever Tyres to share its visual communication expertise with the automotive sector. Tasked with the implementation of a marketing strategy that would successfully take Micheldever Tyres’ client AA Silencers’ communications to the next level by attracting the attention of passing footfall, FASTSIGNS Manchester installed three remotely operated 49-inch LCD screens at the specialist MOT service and repair centre in Cheadle.

Created and consistently updated by FASTSIGNS Manchester, the screens display multiple advertising messages, ensuring the content displayed remains fresh and engaging.

The project’s successes resulted in Micheldever Tyres calling on FASTSIGNS Manchester to develop its digital signage offering in 30 of its facilities (22 within a period of 12 months) and for its help in pioneering industry road shows, which offer product training and marketing advice to tyre dealerships across the UK. Signage is used as a centrepiece to showcase industry and brand specific real life examples to demonstrate the dynamic nature of digital signage and the concept of a ‘silent salesperson’.

Managing director of FASTSIGNS Manchester Richard Wedgwood says: “It was a pleasure to work with AA Silencers on its digital signage project; providing the business with the visual tools it needed to stand out to existing and future customers. The resulting LCD screens look incredible and can easily be spotted from the road, helping attract even more customers and steer the business to further success.”

The content produced consisted of a number of brand specific playlists (some dealer’s signage displaying more than one of these brands) as well as industry specific playlists such as the Tyresafe campaign and content local to the dealer.

“Through the back-end structure of the playlist we were able to share common content elements across multiple sites, while individual dealers were able to pick and choose how much or how little content specific to their dealership they invested in. Either option would see regular updates to the signage; a key requirement to the success of digital signage. Doing content at scale in this way made regular updates completely affordable for individual dealers. As a by-product of this project it’s been a privilege to establish a partnership with Micheldever Tyres, creating a platform via the roadshows to share our expertise with other businesses in the automotive sector. We’re able to share the sales uplift experienced by fellow business in the industry who had already ‘bought into’ the digital signage concept with us. With the developments in digital signage technologies, we believe it’s important to share our knowledge with other businesses and showcase the capabilities of digital signage in context, helping potential customers in the automotive trade make well informed decisions about the best signage solutions.”

Jason Burgess, general manager wholesale at Micheldever Tyres adds: “As well as ensuring our clients are supplied with the best automotive products, we offer a range of commercial consultancy services including guidance on marketing and branding geared towards helping motor businesses succeed in what is a notoriously competitive market. When AA Silencers came to us, owner Simon Grocott was interested in exploring the benefits that LCD screens could bring, aware of how eye-catching they are on the road. It is here our relationship with FASTSIGNS Manchester was born.

“From initial consultation to final installation, the team were great communicators who ensured the project went smoothly from brief through to final delivery. It’s their impressive ability to go above and beyond that made them the perfect addition to our team as we tour the UK with our branding workshops.”


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