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poster printed on Synplas Inkjet PolypropyleneIJSP 180 VC eco solvent print exampleGraphics printed with an HP Indigo printer

In order to provide sign makers with more flexibility than that of just straightforward vinyl, DEP stock a range of durable digital print products that are ideal for use in a variety of applications.

Among them are specialist coated films and self-adhesive films designed to make it easy to install temporary signage, such as window decals for seasonal use in retail.

Numerous manufacturers are offering clear films that can be applied to shop fronts or in-store onto glass, and removed easily when the promotion or the sale is finished. “The great thing about digital print media is it gives you as a sign maker so much more flexibility,” says Richard Kirchner, Head of Marketing. “It enables you to do much shorter runs, so for example, you can design and print just one of something if that’s what is required.”

DEP will be launching a polypropylene synthetic material with an eco-solvent coating, along with metalized coated polyesters. “We see this as something that sign makers would be interested in for things like window displays,” he says. “Window films is another area that seems to have grown hugely over the past two to three years.” In addition to retail, industries like pubs, clubs, hotels, gyms and leisure centres are also fast adopters of this type of signage.

DEP has also begun to develop removal adhesive systems, which allow for simpler removal without being too easy to take off. It’s striking this sort of balance that will give signmakers better options with more durable substrates. Other innovations include tear-resistant materials that can go through eco-solvent printers for banners, and eyelet-free materials that can make it quicker to make and recycle this sort of soft signage. “One of the problems with vinyls is they tend to have to be eyeleted, and you can’t recycle those very easily,” says Richard. “This material we’re using for banners can be recycled straight away without having to worry about removing the eyelets.

We have materials that are easily compatible with a flatbed UV printer, so signmakers can do some really interesting designs.”


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