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Francesco De Ruvo Sales Area Manager

For Francesco Deruvo, Sales Area Manager, APA Spa., the rise in variance in digital print media has enabled sign makers to enter new territory when it comes to the graphics they can produce.

“The real change that digital print media has created in the industry is that it removes the ‘imagination limit’ that used to be there before,” he says. “Before if you needed to express a visual concept, you had certain limits when it came to things like colours. Now, digital print allows the customer to think about the project or a concept and visualize it, and recreate it from the mind to the computer, and from the computer onto a digital print support.”

Digital print media has enabled sign makers to create graphics that catch the eye of the public, and is commonly used to create high-impact advertisements. While window and POS displays are popular, Francesco reveals that digital wrapping media is also having a huge influence on the market. “Wall graphics are also really growing at the moment,” he adds, noting that APA provides a number of vinyls that can be used to create these kinds of displays. Vinyls to create floor graphics are also rising in prominence. “A sign maker can create a graphic that can be protected by a laminate, and allow people to walk on it without damaging the print,” explains Francesco.

Vinyl and versatility

It can be seen that clients in the retail and hospitality sectors have been early adopters of digital print media graphics, and these displays are therefore commonly associated with these sectors.

While this is certainly the case, Francesco notes that just about any company can reap the benefits of this type of signage. “These may be the sectors in which we’re seeing this the most, but it really is my opinion that this is a market that has no limit,” he says. “All sectors can utilise and take advantage of digital print media.”

To cater to these different sectors, APA has the AP/990-WL roll, a vinyl that so far has proved to be a great success. “It can be applied on the walls to create a graffiti effect,” says Francesco. “That’s something that has been used a lot and something that allows you to create a wonderful, realistic effect using either a gloss or matt laminate.” They also carry grip laminates that can be applied to the floor and walked on without being damaged. At APA, there is an increasing focus on listening to customer demand so as to be able to develop highly specialised print media products that allow sign makers to create whatever they need. “When it comes to digital print media there are many different opportunities, and what we are trying to do more and more is develop products that are going to be dedicated to specialised use,” he says. “This has already happened with the wall and with the floor, along with what we could call the “normal” kind of digital print medias that are already used on flat or curved surfaces.”

With a number of films for print and lamination already available, APA are committed to developing this product range to further help sign makers explore, design and invent in the field of digital print signage.


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