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Slim lightbox, led or tubes?

14 years 4 months ago #187 by Stock Displays
To be honest there isn't much difference in the depth of the T5 and the LED lightboxes. Our light boxes differ in price with the LED A2 light box costing around £55 more than the A2 T5 light box, however the LED light box will save you on electricity and maintenance in the long run so it is a bit of a false economy. Personally I would go for an LED light box.

Stock Displays .

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14 years 4 months ago #186 by Nick4u1
Hey, have you ever considered a bit of LED strip you, it will run efficiently and of course there are varying waterproof casings available.

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14 years 6 months ago #175 by www.w-co.co.uk
The short answer to the question is edge-lit LED illumination is best for an extremely thin A2 light box. As a general rule it is probably best to look at 20mm depth or more to ensure it isn't too fragile.

The longer answer; LED offers high bright illumination and superior light distribution and, although slightly more expensive, also offers far greater energy efficiency. However, being a prominent light box supplier, W&Co have seen ultra slim LED light boxes which are clearly too thin and fragile. W&Co ensure our light boxes are not only ultra thin, but also robust and well built. For good quality and robust LED light boxes I would recommend staying above about 20mm in depth. For a high quality range of LED light boxes see: www.w-co.co.uk/led_lightboxes.php

T5 tubes are also a good solution for edge lighting ultra thin light boxes, however, T5 tubes, being nearly 16mm in diameter, are thicker than LEDs and are, therefore, not going to allow for a light box as thin as LEDs will allow. Good quality and robust T5 edge-lit ultra slim light boxes at A2 size are around 35mm, for a very popular T5 edge-lit light box see www.w-co.co.uk/katana_light_box.php

Cold Cathode tubes are fragile, are pretty much outmoded now and not even considered an option by W&Co.

If anyone needs any more help or advice please see www.w-co.co.uk and feel free to call me.


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15 years 6 months ago #112 by Artillus
T5 Fluorescent lamps are often described (wrongly) as pencil thin; the lamp diameter is 15mm which makes a pretty fat pencil! These lamps are used predominantly in slim light boxes of around 35mm depth, which is considerably less that conventional backlit light boxes of 100mm deep.

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL) are much slimmer at 4 or 5mm diameter, but tend to be quite fragile especially in light boxes which often get man handled in transportation. CCFL lamps can be susceptible to flickering which is often caused by a voltage drop or unstable DC transformer, They also take a while to reach full brightness after being switched on.

LED on the other hand is the most desirable for several reasons. Very slim light panels of 8mm are possible with 19mm being a standard depth for light boxes. LED’s offer the longest life and are the future as regards illumination in whatever application. In light boxes their edge lighting capability is currently unsurpassable. They are energy efficient, cool running, maintenance free and extremely reliable. The brightness is superb and out classes T5 and CCFL.

LED pricing is coming down as the demand grows and LED is now a cost effective solution due to the long life, energy savings and reductions possible in maintenance charges. I hope this helps!

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15 years 7 months ago #93 by Paul H
Replied by Paul H on topic Re:Slim lightbox, led or tubes?
Edge-lit light boxes

I don't think it matters too much whether it is fluorescent tubes or led. I know LED is slightly more expensive but with a lower running cost and less heat.

In terms of flourescent tubes, the backlit light boxes are generally deeper, so you probably want edge-lit light boxes. All of the LED ones I have seen are also edge-lit.

CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) produces far less heat than T5 fluorescent illumination and lasts 2-3 times longer than a T5 fluorescent tube as well.

One other option is to use Electroluminescent Technology, which is paper thin and flexible:

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15 years 7 months ago #92 by Mark Goodham
Slim lightbox, led or tubes? was created by Mark Goodham
Fluorescent tubes have been mentioned by some manufacturers as a reason or them being thin because they use pencil thin T5 fluorescent tubes. Others boast slim because of using LED. I have also seen cold cathode chucked into the mix if you want it ultra thin.

Could someone please point me in the right direction?
Which of these technolgies should I use for an A2 size extremely thin light box?
The client wants it to be as thin as physically possible without it becoming to fragile.

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