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Business built on Roland

Roland cutter carriage on a cutter
The cutting carriage on the Roland GR series cutter
Roland truevis vg2 on display
Roland’s TrueVIS VG2 series 2 offers top class printing with integrated cutting functionality
Renault F1 Racecar made with Roland graphics on display
Renault Sport F1® Team uses a Roland TrueVIS VG2-540 to produce racing car graphics for Grand Prix events around the world

Roland is another company with an excellent pedigree in cutting solutions. Rob Goleniowski, Head of Sales – UK & Ireland – Roland DG (UK) Ltd, says, “Roland's customer-focused approach to technology development has made our combination printer/cutters essential hardware for a variety of businesses around the world. While the printing element is second to none, it is integral that the cutting feature is equally powerful, efficient and reliable and that the two systems work in harmony with each other.”

Goleniowski claims that many businesses have been built on the superior combination of Roland printing and cutting on a single integrated system. The TrueVIS VG2-540 and VG2-640 wide-format inkjet printer/cutters, with their ability to both print in vibrant colours and contour-cut output like decals, are particularly suited to vehicle graphics specialists. West Midlands-based The Vinyl Guys grew from a hobby in a spare room to a specialist business occupying a 1,300 square foot unit in four years thanks to an investment in a Roland TrueVIS SG-540 printer/cutter. "My Roland hasn't just supported my business, it's been the making of it," comments Owner Alex Liggett.

Renault Sport F1® Team uses a TrueVIS VG2-540 to produce racing car graphics for Grand Prix events around the world – around 1,400 stickers for every race to allow for damaged graphics to be replaced with exact replicas on-site. “As well as the car stickers, the Renault Sport F1® Team prints, everything that you see on-track and in the hospitality areas' on the TrueVIS.” says Head of Paint and Graphics Joe McNamara, “From steering wheel labels inside the cars to graphics for large trucks. Similarly, The Vinyl Guys produces labels, clothing graphics, signage, cards and leaflets on its TrueVIS.”

Goleniowski adds, “While Roland’s latest print and cut devices continue to make headlines, we cannot forget the rich heritage of their cut-only systems. Just outside of the spotlight, the GS-24 desktop cutter and the GR series of wide-format cutters form the backbone of hundreds of businesses worldwide. Renowned throughout the industry for their reliability, these versatile devices let signage and graphics professionals create lettering, window graphics and more with ease, and indeed, they have been the first step towards creating a business for many of these professionals. In most cases, Roland cutters become trusted machines in the corners of print workshops. Since they are such simple devices, their feature lists may look quite slim in comparison to our latest print and cut solutions, but for Roland’s customers, their cutters simply need to cut accurately and reliably.”

If they don’t need particularly wide graphics, the GS-24 is a perfect companion to a busy print house and owners can confidently take care of other business while it performs its cut jobs. The larger GR Series of cutters makes a great solution for those performing print then cut operations. In tandem with Roland’s print-only solutions like the RF-640 8 Colour, the GR Series’ advanced crop mark registration ensures accurate cutting between devices.

“Whether they need separate devices, or an integrated printer/cutter, Roland’s customers can be sure of finding a solution that works perfectly for their business, complete with expert advice and support, concludes Goleniowski.


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