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Zund UK announces new G3 Routing Module with MQL system

Zund G3 Routing ModuleThe Zund G3 flatbed cutting table is one of the most flexible on the market, with a range of tools available to tackle every cutting task imaginable. Adding to this range of flexible finishing tools is the new Routing Module now with added MQL (minimal quantity lubrication) system for the G3, designed specifically to meet increasing demands for 24/7 production of signs and displays.

The G3 Routing Module is the recommended tool for cutting rigid plastics, non-ferrous metals and composite panels and it offers quick and easy changeovers between knife-cutting and routing/engraving.

The rock-solid construction of the G3 minimises spindle vibration, making it possible to route at higher speeds without sacrificing edge quality. This maximises the productivity of the machine for cutting acrylics, wood and plastics and indeed expands the range of materials that can be processed. Even soft metal alloys such as aluminium can now be processed using the MQL option (minimal quantity lubrication). In addition, the G3 is capable of simultaneous, high-speed X-Y-Z axis movement so when combined with compatible 3D data, the Zund G3 can create amazing 3D objects and signs.

The Zund G3 routing module is suitable for routing of very small parts (800mm2) and materials up to 50mm thick. With the combination of Sealgrip underlay and a turbine-based vacuum generator even very small parts can be cut without movement or loss of accuracy and compared to conventional routing systems using MDF underlay and standard vacuum pumps, typically you will save six times the electricity using the Zund G3 with routing module.

The routing module also has an integrated heat sink unit, which contains air passages that channel airflow from the dust extraction unit. This effectively dissipates the heat generated by the routing spindle and bit thereby maximising performance and increasing the life of the bit. It has a powerful dust and chip removal process so little or no head cleaning is required on cut parts after the job is routed and it also keeps the cutting surface free of debris which enables faster changeovers from routing to cutting.

Stocks of the new G3 Routing Module are now available in the UK and demonstrations of the new unit can be booked in advance directly with Zund UK at their UK headquarters in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

For more information on Zund UK, visit www.zund.co.uk or to book a demonstration telephone 01727 833003.

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