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Solar powered led trough lighting system

Zeta Specialist Lighting and Portland Lighting have together developed the ECOLUX SOLAR. The new product innovation is the industry's first LED trough lighting system that’s entirely powered by solar. It has been designed to use in retail and commercial signage, and to illuminate advertising billboards.

The Walsall-based specialist sign lighting manufacturer and Bicester-based Zeta, who design, develop and manufacture LED and solar powered lighting systems, have collaborated to develop this next-generation energy and cost saving sign illumination solution.

The technology behind this new innovation is similar to that used in Zeta’s bespoke Solar Signage Kit widely used in totems and monoliths, and which was voted as Sign Product of the Year at the 2014 British Sign Awards.
“The ECOLUX SOLAR provides an optimum solar powered LED lighting solution for outdoor signage where mains-fed lighting isn’t an option,” said Zeta’s Sales and Marketing Director Adrian Dennis.

The ECOLUX SOLAR incorporates discreet and flexible PV solar panels which harness the sun’s energy throughout the day; long life maintenance-free batteries; and Zeta’s innovative Energy Management System (EMS) which releases the stored energy and uses it to power the LED trough light and illuminate the sign or billboard. This flexible solution can also include PIR movement sensors for added flexibility, reduces light pollution and comes with easy to fit brackets.

“With the ECOLUX SOLAR we’re offering customers a robust, durable and virtually maintenance-free, lighting solution. It’s a feature-rich and flexible trough lighting system that provides even illumination, is dimmable, can be controlled with a timer and can incorporate a movement sensitive PIR interface,” said Portland Lighting’s Managing Director Dave Harrison.

Adrian said: “Trough lighting is traditionally an inexpensive solution and now with solar, we’re bringing the costs down further, as well as opening up the opportunity to illuminate outdoor signage in settings where there is no on-grid connection or where the cost of laying cabling would be prohibitive.”


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