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Where the Trade Buys and the IPIA launch key industry

Portrait of Gary Peeling, CEO Precision Proco Group and Where the Trade Buys
Gary Peeling, CEO Precision Proco Group and Where the Trade Buys, believes collaboration is key to success in 2021.
Portrait of Graeme Smith, IPIA Chairman and Cyan Group Managing Director.
Graeme Smith, IPIA Chairman and Cyan Group Managing Director, is passionate about expanding support for UK print businesses.

Recovery in 2021 needs us all to Think and #PrintDiffrent. Collaboration is a cornerstone of our philosophy at Where the Trade Buys (WTTB), and in light of the Covid crisis, the value of collaboration will enable our customers to not only survive – but thrive.

The rapidly changing environment also makes shared sector specific business support services extremely valuable, from how to access business support schemes, to credit checking, debt recovery and much more.

Therefore, WTTB is delighted to announce that collaboration and business support services via the Independent Print Industries Association (IPIA) – for trade print resellers and design/marketing agency customers – will be funded for its Rockstar customers each month.

“The Covid crisis in 2020 showed the value of working together – the IPIA is an excellent example of how shared resource and support can be the difference between success or failure, perhaps more important is the help and support that results from member to member via the network,” explains Gary Peeling CEO WTTB/Precision Proco Group.

Gary adds: “Also, as we were all trying to navigate the complexities of government and local business support, the IPIA provided clear and concise advice and even coordinated lobbying for the industry.

“I am also aware when the business environment is challenging this critical IPIA support may be considered discretionary spend, so we are very happy to assist IPIA members and to introduce and support new members to support the Association – because we all do better when we work together.”

Focussed on support

Graeme Smith, Chairman of the IPIA and Managing Director of Cyan Groproup comments: “Where the Trade Buys and its parent company Precision Proco Group are dynamic, forward thinking and customer-centric organisations.

“I can say this, not only because they are a very pro-active member of the IPIA, but because I have first-hand experience as a customer and beneficiary of its Rockstar programme.

“Our core ethos at the IPIA is to support print industry businesses to thrive in uncertain times, and this collaboration with Where the Trade Buys is a perfect expression of that focus.”

Customers of WTTB just need to check their Rockstar benefits dashboard to see if their membership is correctly designated to qualify for this additional benefit – worth between £25 to £60 per month in addition to usual WTTB Rockstar benefits.

Gary adds: “We believe that customers that collaborate more easily, and are supported and informed more professionally, will make better progress and be able to proceed with confidence and optimism in this challenging period – so we are delighted to get your back in 2021.”

Strength in collaboration

Gary concludes: “We lost much which had previously been dependable in the print industry during 2020 – in particular, high-use print clients from hospitality, retail, leisure, events and travel – which are likely to remain depressed for some time to come.

“This also extended to the customers themselves, which although remaining loyal, are now staying at home and are no longer close to our shops, offices or factories.

“We all understand the various issues, the truth is that the industry was already changing quickly. The good news is the prospects for the industry remain robust, but the business, customers and opportunities have moved and changed. So, we need to do the same, and we are delighted to prove our commitment to you all and the IPIA in 2021 with this additional Rockstar benefit.”

Below you will find just a selection of benefits from the IPIA’s Membership Packages. For a full list please visit: ipia.org.uk/categories-of-membership

IPIA Lite £25 per month

  • Business Helpline(unlimited) (Business Support Schemes Advice, Employment, health & safety, Tax & VAT, Payroll, Commercial, Company & Contract Law, Landlord and Tenant Issues, Consumer Protection, Licensing Copyright and Patents
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Customer Credit Checking/Debt Collection
  • Sector Specific Insurance Services
  • Utility Sourcing
  • Industry Training
  • Tender and Bid Support

IPIA Associate £60 per month – (IPIA Lite Benefits included)

  • Certification Scheme
  • Multi-channel Marketing Support Services
  • Editorial Coverage in Innovation Magazine for your business
  • Sourcing Directory Listing
  • Weekly Newsletter Inclusion
  • Promotion at IPIA events
  • Best Practise Support
  • VAT Advice

When WTTB Rockstar customers reach Lennon or Mercury level they will receive a complimentary month of IPIA Lite membership. Customers reaching Rockstar tier Hendrix and above will receive a month's full IPIA membership.

This reward is provided in addition to the great Rockstar Royalties benefits and discounts.

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