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Coloured acrylic sheet from Vulcascot for use with light emitting diodes

Modern illuminated signage is becoming increasingly more designer specific, now requiring complicated flowing shapes, higher brilliance with much improved efficiency and longer life expectancy plus, complete technical safety in all aspects for which the simple solution is LED lighting. LEDs.

When illuminating signs, it is essential to achieve above all, a uniform and brilliant light. Conventional lighting methods usually requires a number of high powered light sources such as fluorescent tubes. Optima LED cast acrylic sheet, which is distributed by the Vulcascot Group provides the opportunity to use LED, which requires a smaller number of light sources using much lower power consumption.

LEDs for signage and general display lighting are gaining in popularity as the requirement for less bulky illuminated signs becomes ever more prevalent. Along with greater design flexibility using LED, there are additional advantages of much lower power requirements, hardly any maintenance costs and because of the lower power requirement, LED is much safer to work with.

Additionally, when using conventional coloured acrylic with LED lighting sources, most of the light emitted actually heats the plastic panel which means that up to 50% of the energy created is wasted. When using Optima LED the light reaches the public eye.

Even with these the outstanding light transmission results, Optima LED displays excellent light diffusion reducing any risk of fluctuations in brightness or burn points, even in the thinnest of illuminated signs.

For further information contact Vulcascot on Tel: 01293 560130 or visit www.vulcascot.com

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