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Vivid debut new products

printed material showing gold foil effectVivid Laminating debuted three new technologies at a UK show in October.

Matrix Laminators: Single-sided Laminator
Vivid’s best-selling Matrix OPP Film Laminating System can add specialist finishing effects to print, such as foiling, spot UV-style effects and holographic finishes.

Sales Director Richard Marlow said: “The Matrix doesn’t require special dies to create these new effects. It’s achievable due to the extra pressure from the pneumatic rollers. The process to create such effects on-demand still works by using heat transfer technology, but at a fraction of the cost of producing individual dies for each job. For those with a Pneumatic Matrix already in-house, being able to offer these stunning effects to customers offers huge cost savings and even a new source of revenue”.

The Leicestershire-based firm demonstrated their new Feeder for the Matrix 530 Systems. “The all-new Feeder uses patented underfed technology for prints, speeding up production and finishing times” says Richard. “It’s a completely modular system and can retrofit to the existing Matrix”.

Easymount Air
Along with new Matrix features, Vivid also showcased the new Easymount Air to the UK print industry.

Vivid’s Technical Manager Gavin Ward said: “The Easymount Air is a revolutionary product in the wide format lamination and mounting market. The patented technology uses one of the most advanced concepts ever seen in a wide format laminator. Pneumatic air pressure controls the laminating rollers, allowing you to mount and laminate with incredible accuracy and speed”.

The pneumatic air allows the roller to adjust to the exact thickness and pressure required, giving faster production times. The new technology also allows the roller to float down, to make sure Foamex and Correx boards aren’t crushed. When the rollers achieve the correct board thickness, they can be locked in place to keep the required gap, making board feeding more accurate.


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