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Vision banner range displays brand message with style

Vision banner range

Ultima Displays launched its new ‘Vision’ banner range, a modern, sleek and elegantly designed range of display solutions at Sign & Digital in April. Offering a solution for all needs and budgets, the range is designed to display any brand message with both style and impact for the portable display market.

The exclusive range is made from recycled plastic and high precision moulded polymers with a high shine white gloss, making it highly distinct from traditional aluminium. The range covers all extremities of the market from the budget conscious Element to the sleek, curvaceous Revolution which is ideal for the premium brand conscious consumer.

Revolution was the first banner in the Vision series to be introduced and features a stylish stand with a streamlined design, which creates an illusion that the base is floating off the ground. Its counterpart, the Element banner, is the second in the Vision series and offers a modern, sleek design. The range caters for desktop presentation with the new Stellar and comes with a lifetime hardware warranty.

“The streamlined styling sets the ‘Vision’ range apart from anything else on the market, giving Ultima Displays’ trade partners the edge on their competitors,” said managing director Osvaldo Gallio. “We are committed to continuous product development and our experience and knowledge is demonstrated through continuous creation of new and innovative products that compete not only on design but on price. We’ve specifically designed and engineered this cutting-edge banner range to offer an elegant and original way for brands to communicate their messaging.”


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