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Visi/Frame - Future Visi-on for window displays

Do you feel that your window displays lack that certain something? Are you looking for a cost-effective display method that provides on-brand and professional presentation of your messages? Do you frequently need to change displays to ensure you keep up with current trends, prices or offers?

VISI/FRAMETM provides the solution. This new and pioneering window display frame is flexible and versatile: providing a permanent, economical and branded solution for all your window display requirements, from tactical posters, to individual messages.

Reusable time and time again, Visi/Frame 'magically' keeps messages positioned flat to the window surface by static surface tension, without the need for expensive and static cable systems, messy adhesives or unprofessional suckers, Sellotape or Blue-tac.

Whether you need to display opening hours, payment methods, special offers or promotions, Visi/Frame can be applied to a window in seconds, and if it is not positioned correctly the first time, just peel it back and start again.

"Visi/Frame has been used extensively by many top brands across Europe over the past 10 years, says Steve Ball, UK distributor of Visi/Frame. The UK retail market is fast-paced and promotions and new offers are continually evolving, so there is a need for a simple, cost-effective and professional display product, which will help reduce expensive re-prints. It is a truly innovative product that will revolutionise the window display market."

Visi/Frame lasts for up to five years and is available branded or unbranded in a number of colours, sizes and bespoke applications. For further information on Visi/Frame visit the website www.proactionid.com/visi-frame

Visi/Frame on a window

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