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Viking announces new 3M product launches

Exhibit House MD Lee Horner working with the new Viking Industrial 3M products.
Exhibit House MD Lee Horner working with the new Viking Industrial 3M products.

Leading tapes, adhesives and sealants specialist Viking Industrial Products has unveiled two new key 3M product launches - LSE 110WF VHB and GPT020 Double Coated Polyester.

Craig Smith, Viking’s Technical manager, explained: “The versatility of these two new 3M products means we will be able to replace a number of higher priced alternatives and offer some real savings to our customers. They are purpose-designed to be cost-effective ‘go to’ products suitable for both LSE and HSE surfaces.”

Viking has partnered with long-standing customer, sign and display fabricator Exhibit House, to successfully trial the two new products. Based in Leeds, the company helps customers enhance their brand image using large graphics and displays. Its clients include Leeds City Council, hospitals and schools.

Exhibit House MD Lee Horner said: “GPT020 is now our number one choice for use on Foamex, on which I have always had variable results. However, this new 3M product has a great initial grab, holds well and is competitively priced. It now becomes my go to product.

“Tests on the LSE110WF are ongoing, but again its high initial grab, ease of use and comparative low cost suggest it will be our staple High Bond tape moving forward. These two new 3M products, allied to Viking’s excellent technical back-up, will continue to give peace of mind.” Exhibit House  also taps into Viking’s technical expertise on different substrates.

Based in West Yorkshire, Viking continues to cement its Preferred Distributor status partnership with global technology giant 3M, one of only ten within the UK, and remains its N°1 online partner in this country.



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