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Fluorescent, reflective safety chevron kitswas

Reflective sfety chevron kit on the back of a van
Each kit is made up from red reflective and fluorescent yellow materials
Victory design website with chevron kit option displayed on it

You see Chapter 8 kits everywhere - the fluorescent and reflective chevrons on the rear of works vehicles on highways throughout the UK, designed to improve the safety of workforces on highways and other road users. Some of the kits you see have come from Victory Design.

The company already stocked fluorescent and reflective vinyl to supply on the roll for customers to produce general signage so the decision to take this one step further was fairly simple,” says sales director Justin Hines.

Available for any make and model of vehicle, the markings are produced by Victory using reflective and fluorescent self-adhesive vinyl from leading manufacturers including 3M, Avery and Nikkalite. Each kit is made up from red reflective and fluorescent yellow materials and cut using the latest flatbed technology (the 3M Diamond Grade needs to be cut with a good oscillating blade, otherwise the individual cells are damaged) to fit each vehicle specifically.

Victory Design offers four kit types: the standard has strips of fluorescent and reflective cut to shape to fit the vehicle; flooded has full pieces of fluorescent yellow with red reflective strips supplied separately to be applied; flooded applied is supplied as large fluorescent panels with the strips of red reflective already applied; and magnetic has all the fluorescent and reflective ready applied to magnetic panels so you can remove the kit from the vehicle whenever you want.

There are no specialist tools required to prepare the surface of the vehicle; squeegees and masking tape or magnets for holding the pieces in place during application. Victory Design supplies each kit with an easy to follow plan showing where each panel should be applied.

“That’s not to say we didn’t have lessons to learn,” says Justin. “Our research and relationships with the top reflective and fluorescent manufacturers have equipped our staff with the knowledge to help our customers choose the right kit. It’s not just down to getting a kit to fit the vehicle, you need to choose the right material too.”


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