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Victory introduce new product range: Poli-Print digital printing media

Victory Design has announced the launch of their new digital media range Poli-Print, manufactured by Poli-Tape in Germany.

Victory has added this media range to their existing digital range and Poli-Print will sit alongside their Jac and Avery digital products offering customers a wider choice of products.

The Poli-Print range has media with clear and grey adhesives; the grey adhesive products provide greater opacity for applications that require this.

Victory Poli Print media

Poli-Print media can be used for a wide variety of applications such as signs, exhibitions, vehicles and floor graphics.

There are both monomeric and polymeric media available. The monomeric products are ideal for flat, curved or slightly corrugated surfaces. The polymeric media are more suited to long term outdoor applications due to the UV and weather resisting solvent adhesive.

All Poli-Print products are available as 50m rolls in various widths of 760, 1370 and 1524mm.

The Poli-Print 810 monomeric transparent film acts as a dual product; a gloss digital and clear lamination film.

This product can also be used as a laminate on the other monomeric digital products. Similarly in the polymeric range the Poli-Print 1010 is also a dual product - a digital and lamination film.

Victory Design has some low cost trial rolls available.

For more information please visit www.victorydesign.co.uk or call 01246 570570.

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