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Very Displays aim to kick hunger out of Market Harborough

An image of a football pitch with the faces of the Very Display team superimposed onto it
Market Harborough's, Jubilee Foodbank, want to give a balanced food parcel to those in need 

Very Displays services the display and printing industry with great trade portable display products, unrivalled service, and exceptional value. Whether it’s one roller banner or multiple display solutions, they’re there to help with your needs.

Engaging with more than business, Very Displays also want to engage with their local community. Taking part in a charity football match on Thursday, 10th August, they will be raising money for the Jubilee Foodbank. The goal; to kick hunger out of the Market Harborough.

Economic downturns have left hundreds of thousands of families struggling to put food on the tables in the UK. Each passing day sees this struggle grow and foodbankks play a critical role in bridging the gap between surplus and scarcity.

Redistributing food resources to those who areless fortunate does not only address immediate hunger, but also empowers those less fortunate to overcome challenges and pursue better opportunities.

Ultimately, by supporting foodbanks, Very Displays are doing their part in helping to collectively building a more compassionate society where no one is left behind in the fight against hunger.

To find out how you can help contribute, follow the link - Crowdfunding to 'help end hunger across the Market Harborough district' on JustGiving


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