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Aspire 2 - A new dimension in 3D CNC signmaking and wood carving

Specialist CNC routing and engraving software developer Vectric Ltd, the creators of VCarve Pro, PhotoVCarve, Cut3D and Cut2D have recently launched Aspire 2, the new CNC Software for 3 Dimensional sign making, wood carving, production routing and engraving.

Aspire 2 has been developed to meet the requirements of commercial sign shop owners running CNC machines, and now includes new and exciting production routing tools that make the software even more powerful and flexible. The new tools in version 2 include Automatic True Shape Nesting for maximising material usage and minimising waste, new CNC toolpath cutting strategies for Raised 3D Prism machining, Auto-Inlay tools to ensure parts fit together correctly, Fluting for automatic ramping in and out of the material and Multi-tool pocketing for minimising cutting times. The Random 3D Texturing Toolpath strategy has been enhanced to profile cut along selected vectors, randomly changing the Z cutting depth to create unique and very interesting textured patterns.

New Design and Editing Tools have been added making it quicker and easier to import, create and edit projects. Vector geometry can now be smoothed or splined to reduce the number of points or converted to arc segments that will be quicker and easier to machine on some CNC machines. New interactive 'Dog-Bone' and 'T-Bone' Filleting allow toolpaths to 'notch' the inside corners of slots and grooves, allowing mating parts to fit flush against the true base of the pocket. This technique allows the radius of the cutter to be removed from the bottom of slots and ensures parts cut from sheet materials will fit together when assembled.

Aspire 2 also includes a new 3D Model Slicing feature that allows the user to divide high 3D Models into multiple Z-Slices that can each be machined and assembled to produce a finished project thicker than the available material or Z gantry height on the CNC machine.

Version 2 also includes new and unique High quality Multi-colour 3D toolpath preview. This functionality allows each toolpath to be simulated and displayed using a different colour to show the completed sign or project exactly as it will look when finished and assembled.

Aspire 2 is the easiest way to convert 2D drawings and designs into high quality 3D relief and precise CNC toolpaths.

Aspire's new and unique 3D component construction tools make it quick and easy to create your own 3D shapes from drawings and sketches and to work with existing 3D CAD and Clipart models.

Aspire is perfect for designing and machining signage and projects such as carved decorative panels and doors, swept flourishes and appliqués, custom millwork, architectural mouldings, bespoke company logos, jewellery pieces, custom gifts and awards, in addition to many more CNC machined applications.

Aspire is based on the world class VCarve Pro design and toolpath engine and uses the same logical and easy-to-use interface, that makes it quick and easy to convert 2D sketches, photographs, drawings and graphic designs into high quality 3D products. Aspire's new interactive modelling engine makes it very easy to build, resize, move and rotate 3D elements in a design at any time. Plus change the material properties to create realistic 3D previews.

Aspires powerful 3D Sculpting and Blending tools provide total flexibility when modifying designs. Models can be manipulated like a piece of virtual clay to smooth out edges and discontinuities, as well as to add extra detail, all helping to create that authentic 'hand carved' look for your models. Interactively modify 3D designs using the sculpting tools with control over brush size and strength, plus options to Smooth, Smudge Deposit, Remove, Erase with options to raise, lower or blend the changes.

Vectric understand the importance of high quality training materials and the Aspire installation DVD includes over six hours of real world project based video tutorials, covering all aspects of using the program. The videos are accompanied by the files used in the tutorials and PDF documents to allow users to work through the training materials at their own pace.

Aspire is supplied with 50 Free high quality professionally designed 3D clipart models from the Vector Art 3D collection, that would cost over £650 if purchased separately. Aspire also imports industry standard 3D mesh files from other CAD software such as: Rhino, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Silo, MOI etc. STL, 3D DXF, OBJ, 3Ds, VRML and these can be combined with other shapes and models to produce high quality projects.

Aspire's fast and efficient 3D roughing toolpaths remove unwanted stock material as quickly as possible, with cutting strategy options for Z Level or 3D Raster cutting. 3D Finish cutting toolpath options in Aspire ensure each job is cut exactly to size with control over the surface quality and general cutting parameters. Detailed regions on a design can be machined selectively using smaller cutters to ensure the finest of detail on a 3D project is accurately machined.

Aspire instantly converts Image files and photographs: colour and black and white image files - BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF into stunning 3D surface textures, that can be applied to 3D models and machined. Aspire includes all of the precision drawing, layout and CNC production machining tools developed for VCarve Pro making it easy to design and machine complete projects in a single software package.

Visit the Vectric web site - www.vectric.com - and download the Free Trial version of Aspire and see for yourself how quickly 3D carvings can be designed using the software. For more details about purchasing or upgrading to Aspire please contact sales@vectric.com.

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