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New V-grooving tool for aluminum composite materials

The new Crown Norge v-grooving toolCrown Norge, who make cutting tools, introduce a new range of V-grooving tools for ACM.

Because the tools are ground from solid tungsten carbide, they are perfectly balanced and help to stop vibrations. These tools can be used at very high feed and speed and were tested at 30 metres per minute and 60,000 RPM. With noise level reduced to a minimum, the working environment for the machine operator is also improved. Less noise also means less wear on the machine and reduced repair costs. These V grooving tools are made in 90, 120 and 135 degrees.The special rounded tip geometry gives a perfect and precise bending of the material.

For cutting through the ACM, Crown Norge can offer a wide programme of single fluted router bits, both uncoated and DLC-coated for longer tools life.


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