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UV adhesives cure on demand in seconds

Acrylic Letter B
UV curing adhesives are ideal for bonding plastics including acrylics and polycarbonate.

Eurobond Adhesive’s range of ultra violet light (UV) curing adhesives are ideal for bonding acrylics, polycarbonate and many other plastics, either to themselves or to metals and even stone. They offer huge potential to sign making businesses over traditional solvent weld bonding.

These adhesives are optically clear, solvent-free and contain no VOCs, making them environmentally friendly. They offer ‘cure on demand’ properties. This means they will only bond two surfaces together when the glue line is exposed to high intensity, controlled UV light delivered by a special high power LED UV torch, laser pen or hand or flood lamp.

Unlike solvent weld products, bonding occurs in just a few seconds, leaving perfectly clear, bubble-free, stress crack-free and extremely high strength joints.

This fast curing process increases production, saving you time and money. In addition, the high quality finish will give signmakers a competitive advantage and open up a whole new revenue stream for their business.

Eurobond Adhesives are recognised by many leading plastic fabricators, film and TV prop makers, film studios, blue chip high end retail chains and museums throughout Europe as one of the leading authorities on using UV adhesives. We have trained thousands of fabricators, craftspeople and artisans throughout the UK in how to use our UV bonding adhesives to produce the highest quality products. Eurobond’s UV adhesives are used to manufacture signs, acrylic display cases, polycarbonate machine guards, high end PoS items, trophies and awards and acrylic furniture. UV adhesives can add a whole new creative dimension to your business.


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