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Kommerling UK introduces specialist tapes.

Kommerling UK has introduced two new tape products to its range of sealants and adhesives for use in the manufacturing and metal fabrication sectors. Already a recognised supplier a number of highly successful products in this area, the company believes that new materials and processes may be better served with these new tapes.

Amongst the benefits of using tape over more traditional mechanical fastenings are:
an improved aesthetic for the finished joint;
a faster process;
no drilling into the substrate; and
better responsiveness to thermal expansion.

Neil MacWatters, sales executive at Kommerling UK, said: "Many engineers will approach the use of tapes with reservations, not believing that they will do the job, but once we have demonstrated their effectiveness and explained some of the benefits that scepticism can soon be overcome."

The first two products being introduced to the UK market are the AT-1 and AT-3 High Bond Acrylic tapes. The first of these is a pressure sensitive, water-clear, solid acrylic tape designed to provide a superior bond between a variety of substrates. With its transparent appearance is 'ideally' suited for applications involving glass or other clear substrates. AT-3 is a translucent, structural grade tape that has a uniform high-tack acrylic adhesive on both surfaces. It will bond most clean, dry, oil-free surfaces and will withstand a wide range of weathering and temperature conditions without compromising on its adhesion, says the company.

Initially the tapes will be available from Elcom Ltd
Phone: 0116 410 5000

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