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Two Drytac products transform CRUK's new facility

A wall vinyl photograph of two men smiling in the ocean, with the caption "we're human"
Drytac Polar Grip fcreates a striking effect, featuring photography from CRUK’s mission.
A printed wall vinyl timeline of Cancer Research UK
Drytac installed CRUK’s timeline for an engaging and informative graphic

Bristol-based signage and exhibition company N3 Display Graphics used Drytac Polar Grip white polymeric self-adhesive vinyl and Drytac ReTac Textures embossed film in a canvas finish to produce a series of eye-catching interior graphics for Cancer Research UK’s (CRUK) new distribution facility in Warrington.

The world's largest independent cancer research organisation, CRUK raises much-needed funds to help scientists, doctors and nurses beat cancer. The charity has been working to generate funding for more than 40 years, leading the fight against over 200 types of cancer.

CRUK is one of the best-known charitable brands in the UK, with its iconic logo and colours a regular feature in major fund-raising events such as the London Marathon and the Great North Run. The brand is also reflected across its various facilities around the UK, including the new Warrington Regional Distribution Centre.

Ahead of opening the facility earlier this year, CRUK approached N3 Display Graphics to decorate the interior of the centre. The project required graphics for various interior surfaces, as well as exterior signage.

For the graphics part of the project, N3 Display Graphics chose to work with Drytac vinyls and films. The company is a long-term user of Drytac materials and has worked with its products on a wide range of applications.

N3 Display Graphics used Drytac ReTac Textures Canvas embossed film for graphics in the reception area of the facility. The digitally printed wallpaper featured CRUK’s iconic blue colouring and was designed to offer visitors a warm welcome to the centre.

Graphics were also applied to the main warehouse brick wall, transforming the previously blank space into a canvas of inspiration. N3 Display Graphics selected Drytac Polar Grip to create four full-height graphics that featured striking photography and merged seamlessly with the brickwork, creating a powerful visual impact.

Other parts of the project included a timeline of CRUK’s history, with this vinyl installation running down one of the corridors inside the centre.

“Our work with CRUK for the Warrington Regional Distribution Centre was a journey of purpose and dedication,” N3 Display Graphics Sales Director Dave Dixon said. “By integrating CRUK's core values, vision and history throughout the space, we have created an environment that radiates inspiration and hope.

“From the moment staff and visitors approach the facility and step into the reception, to their journey through the corridors and the mesmerising warehouse wall, they are greeted by the spirit of CRUK's relentless pursuit of a cancer-free future.

“We believe that the power of sharing values, vision and history lies not only in honouring the past but also in lighting the way forward. As we reflect on this project, we stand proud of our contribution to strengthening CRUK's identity and mission, leaving a lasting legacy in the fight against cancer.”


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