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TriSolv Media is HP Latex-Ready

Poppy Field photo on TriSolv MediaSihl Direct UK has announced that its range of environmentally friendly billboard and poster media, TriSolv, can be used on the new generation HP Latex printers. This includes the new DesignJet L26500 and L28500 as well as the LX 600/ LX 800 machines.

Ian Turnbull, Sihl Direct UK's Operations Director, said; "One of Sihl's great strengths is its research, development and testing capabilities. Customers can be assured that we have tested TriSolv to a very high level on the new HP Latex printers and we are very confident that the quality, durability and consistency is spot on."

TriSolv media offers minimal shrinkage and an 'outstanding waterfastness', to deliver high quality photo-realistic prints on poster papers or billboard applications. The products multi-layered coating ensures water and weather resistance. The high white point of the papers, guarantees not only best performance with Solvent and UV inks but can also be used on the environmentally friendlier Latex inks. This allows outstanding interior and exterior application, according to Sihl Direct.

Turnbull said; "Sihl Direct does all it can to make sure customers can identify the best media for their requirements and system set-up by testing all possible scenarios and making that information available. We have a handy application guide on our web site and we are always available to discuss requirements in more detail. It is important to us that customers can feel confident that as new printers come to market, our media is prepared, tested and available to fully exploit new technology and printing capabilities."


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