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Hybrid CNC routing and knife-cutting print finishing system

model of the Trident routing and cutting machineAXYZ International's powerful production workhorse called Trident, combines routing and cutting capabilities in a single machine.

Trident has been developed to process an increasing range of different rigid and flexible media that require a wider, deeper and longer routing/cutting capability. The machine claims to increase output by as much as 50 per cent by comparison with standard CNC routers.

The machine provides a three-pronged processing configuration (routing spindle and oscillating/tangential knife combination) that works "efficiently and harmoniously" to handle materials that might prove too challenging for traditional CNC routers. Due to this triple-head configuration, it is possible to process virtually any flexible and/or rigid substrate, including materials as diverse as aluminium and other non-ferrous metals, aluminium composite materials (ACM), acrylic and plastics, foamed and corrugated board, vinyl, cardboard and paper.

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